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Polytechnic Entrance Exam Preparation (PDF) – Study Material Books

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Study Material Pdf

Hello readers, Are you searching for a polytechnic entrance exam study material pdf for Polytechnic Entrance Exam Preparation.

Today, In this article I am going to give you everything that you want for the Polytechnic Entrance exam. I am going to explain to you everything about how to prepare for the polytechnic entrance exam 2021. after reading this article, I am sure you will score better marks in the polytechnic entrance exam 2021. 

Also going to give you some smart study tips, that will help you to perform better in the polytechnic entrance exam 2021.

Update about Jharkhand Polytechnic Entrance Exam 2021

Recently, UGC (University Grants Commission) has announced new guidelines where are the pending exam of this will be taken on or before 31st august 2021 in online or offline mode. also according to the new guidelines of UGC New semester will be started on 1 October.

So, all the exams which are pending till now will be taken before 31st august, so be ready there must probably be that the exam will be taken in the 2nd or 3rd week of august. 

There is no official news about the polytechnic entrance exam 2021 but, it is going to happen in august 2021.

Know more about the exam:

How To Prepare For Polytechnic Entrance Exam preparation 2021 Special Tips

polytechnic entrance exam preparation
on how to prepare for polytechnic entrance exam 2021 – polytechnic entrance exam preparation books pdf

So, there is not so much time to prepare,,,, right? Don’t worry I will guide you with the proper and Short syllabus for polytechnic entrance exam preparation 2021.

Make sure you have the NCERT Books of class 10th. all the topics are there. And if you don’t have the books Join the telegram channel, I am just creating it for you guys, when you joined there, I will send whatever you want. so make sure you joined that group.

In the future, we are going to upload there all books of the diploma semester branch bytes. also, all the latest news is shared on that channel, so must join this.


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Smart Syllabus For polytechnic entrance exam Preparation 2021

First of all, we have to determine what type of questions are coming in the polytechnic entrance exam, since the previous year no exam was conducted, we do not have the previous year’s question paper.

remember, I have already told you about the syllabus, so I am not going to repeat it.

So, we will look into 5 years’ previous question paper. When I determined these 5 years question papers, I have found that there were no long numerical-type questions.

only have short-type numerical questions on physics & Chemistry like Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion. mole concept, and periodic table-based questions. there are also short numerical questions like find speed, power, distance, etc.

Secondly, we should keep in our mind that all questions carry only 1 mark so, there is not a big solution to any question, so prepare yourself according to short-solving questions for Polytechnic entrance exam preparation 2021.  

Don’t waste your time on theorem, axioms, and proving like questions, just understand them those are important for solving common questions.

now comes to mathematics, you know that all questions are going to MCQs. So keep in your mind that there was no question which has a long answer. 

When I determined the previous 5 years’ question paper I have found that there are questions from LCM, HCF, and Number systems like integers. so focus on the basics instead of going through probability and CI SI From profit loss.

also keep in your mind to revise at least 2 sample paper which is easily available in the market, or if you don’t want to purchase, join our telegram channel link is in the above paragraph, I will provide you.

Which Book Should I Read For Preparation of Polytechnic entrance exam 2021

You can read, JCECEB guide book which is good for everyone, but if you are not able to buy them prepare from NCERT books, that will be perfect for entrance exam preparation according to me. you have to read 2 subjects, that are mathematics, physics, and chemistry. each has 50 marks of 50 questions. all questions should be in MCQs. 

How to Get Study Materials For Polytechnic Entrance Exam 2021

There are many websites are available on the internet, you can simply Get all study materials like sample paper. all you are to do is search on the internet in case you are not available to find study materials, you can join our channel, there you can get all these study materials to Get for free.

So, guys, that is all in our article, how to prepare for Polytechnic entrance exam Preparation 2021. If you have any questions about anything related to the polytechnic entrance exam, comment down below, we will surely reply to you with possible time. and give you a solution.

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