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Jharkhand Polytechnic Colleges 2022

Polytechnic Colleges In Jharkhand 2022

There are many more polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand as compared to degree colleges. In 2022 according to the government of Jharkhand, there are 17 government Polytechnic Colleges, 17 private polytechnic institutes,  7 PPP Mode colleges, and 3 non-engineering polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand.


All are given below



  1. Government Polytechnic Ranchi
  2. Government women’s Polytechnic Ranchi
  3. Government Polytechnic Dumka
  4. Government Polytechnic Dhanbad
  5. Government Polytechnic Nirsa, Dhanbad
  6. Government Polytechnic Bhaga, Dhanbad
  7. Government Polytechnic Kharswan
  8. Government Polytechnic Adityapur
  9. Government women’s Polytechnic Jamshedpur
  10. Government women’s Polytechnic, Bokaro
  11. Government Polytechnic Khutri, Bokaro
  12. Government Polytechnic Latehar
  13. Government Polytechnic Sahibganj
  14. Government Polytechnic Jaghannathpur
  15. Government Polytechnic koderma
  16. Government Polytechnic Simdega
  17. Government Women’s Polytechnic Dumka




  1. Al Kabir Polytechnic, Mango, Jamshedpur
  2. Birsa Institute of Technology(Trust), Ranchi 112
  3. K K Polytechnic, Govindpur, Dhanbad 304
  4. Centre for Bioinformatics, Ranchi 103
  5. K.K. College of Engineering & Management, Dhanbad
  6. Nilai Educational Trust’s Group Of Institutions, Ranchi
  7. Ramchandra Chandravansi Polytechnic Institute, Palamu
  8. Ramgovind Polytechnic Institute, Koderma
  9. RTC Institute Of Technology, Ranchi
  10. Vidya Memorial Institute Of Technology, Ranchi
  11. Xavier Institute Of Polytechnic And Technology, Ranchi
  12. Khandoli Institute Of Technology, Giridih
  13. Sarojini Institute Of Technology, Bundu Ranchi
  14. Cambridge Institute Of Polytechnic, Tatisilwai Ranchi
  15. Pemiya Rishikesh Institute of Technology, Topchanchi
  16. Subhas Institute of Technology , Giridih
  17. Girija Institute of Polytechnic, Ramgarh




  1. Silli Polytechnic, (Estd. by Govt. of Jharkhand & run by Techno India Under PPP)
  2. Pakur Polytechnic (Estd. by Govt. of Jharkhand & run by Bhubaneshwar Poly. & Cybotech Campus Under PPP)
  3. Gola Polytechnic, Gola
  4. Chandil Polytechnic, Chandil
  5. Baharagora Polytechnic, Baharagora
  6. Garhwa, Polytechnic, Garhwa
  7. Madhupur Polytechnic, Madhupur





  1.  I.S.M. Pundag, Ranchi
  2. Netaji Subhas Institute Of Hotel Management & Tourism, Jamshedpur
  3. Shine Abdul Razaq Ansari Institute of Health Education & Research, Irba, Ranchi




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