Historical Statue Of GP Ranchi – History of Baijnath Prasad

Government Polytechnic Ranchi

Government Polytechnic College, Ranchi is one of the oldest polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand.

It is located in the mid of the Church Road of Bahu Bazar Ranchi. For More Information about this College.

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Historical Statue of GP Ranchi​

Historical Statue Of GP Ranchi - History of Baijnath Prasad - Anny Tutorial

If you are a student of GP Ranchi, You may know about a statue located the near main gate of GP Ranchi.

There is a statue but the head of the statue was not there, now you are thinking that somebody removed the head from the statue.

But it is not correct, there is a huge history of this statue and most people are not aware of it. because there is no one who knows about the history of this statue.

as I am a student of GP Ranchi, I lived in the hostel, and when I saw this statue, My desire to know the history of this statue will become the cause of my ton of research about the statue.

I asked my seniors, about this statue and I found some story behind this statue. and now I am going to share this information with everybody here.

Who is Baijnath Prasad?​

Historical Statue Of GP Ranchi - History of Baijnath Prasad - Anny Tutorial

Baijnath Prasad was the great leader of SFI (Students Federation of India ). He was born on 20 February 1968 and he died on 09 April 1997 on the campus of GP Ranchi. he studied in GP Ranchi and stayed in GP Ranchi’s Hostel, and the unexpected thing is, he lived in my room.

Baijnath Prasad was a true martyr who was killed by his haters using a Knife, they cut his head out of his body.

on the investigation, it was found that they are in a group of 3 or 4 people who are from Ratu Road, Ranchi. Somebody ordered them to kill Baijnath Prasad.

He was a great leader for the student union, he helped many students. he did many good works that were worth many people’s careers.

He lost his life fighting for students, That is why the statue is still there in the memory of Baijnath Prasad.

Disclaimer: This information is sensitive, therefore, it may be possible that the actual incident is somewhat different from this information.”

Historical Statue of Government Polytechnic Ranchi